Rotten tree falls on memorial.

I made a visit to the Tornow Victims' Memorial (26.9 miles) up the Wynooche Valley Rd. last week and discovered that a very large rotten tree had fallen directly across the memorial. Thankfully, the memorial emerged unscathed due to its solid instruction. The plaques also didn't appear damaged. The only tree in the area to fall and of all the directions it could have fallen and it hits the memorial. Some members of the commitee will likely get up there and cut the tree in pieces so it can be removed. Now it obstructs not only the monument, but the end of the path to the memorial. If you go, when you reach the downed tree, veer right to the memorial. We expect to erect a permanent laminated brochure to identify the cedar posts soon. 


This photo of Tornow propped on a bench was one of the original post cards.

If you have any historical items from the original days of the John Tornow story (1911-1913) the Tornow Victims Memorial Committee would like to hear from you. We are particularly interested in the Tornow gun that he had used. That's the .30 .30 Winchester. I have the serial No. from the sheriff's office, so we can easily identify it. We have heard that the gun is in the area. We are also interested in collecting all the Post Cards. Dana Anderson of the committee says there may be as many as 20 different ones. There may also be a Tornow signature out there somewhere. He did sell pelts and other trapping materials and he also bought property in Aberdeen. If you might have any of these items, email or better yet, show up our next committee meeting, Thursday, April 3 at the Beehive Restaurant in Montesano or at the Old Timers Fair in Matlock, May 3-4. 

Thank you

Bill Lindstrom

Camo and black Tornow hats will make wonderful gifts Get them at the Old Timers Fair in Matlock, May 3-4. Also books, DVDs and other apparel


Mar. 27, 2014
The John Tornow Victims Memorial Committee will meet Thursday April 3, 7 p.m. at the Beehive Restaurant in Montesano. Items for discussion will be participation in the Old Timers Fair May 3-4 in Matlock and a possible fundraiser for the Chehalis Valley Historical Museum in Monte. Newcomers are welcome. If you are Tornow enthusiast we welcome you. Come and join us.
Feb. 18, 2014
The John Tornow Committee expects to have a booth at the Old Timers Fair in Matlock, Saturday and Sunday, May 3-4.
We will have DVDs, books, hats, shirts, coffee mugs, lighted shot glasses and other items for sale. More to come.
Oct. 29, 2013
John Tornow - 100 years later
Several people have asked me how to get the Tornow 100 years later book. This is a full-color, hardback 34-page edition. Response has been terrific. Some libraries and area museums now have it. Perfect for the Tornow enthusiast or the coffee table. It includes a brief Tornow story, but mostly pictures. There are many historic photos that were made into postcards, but it also includes everything that has transpired in the last 100 years - from the tombstone dedication in 1987 to the Matlock forum, to the re-enactment and memorial dedication in March and April,2013. Also included are tours made by the Lathrop brothers when they were here in April. It's a keepsake.
To get your copy, email
I will send you a link to preview. This book is $68, including tax and shipping.
Apr. 16, 2013
On April 20, 2013, at 1 p.m. there was a dedication of a monument in remembrance of those who where killed at Tornow Lake in 1913. The site is located at mile marker 27 on the Wynooche Valley Road near Montesano WA. Brochures are available at most museums and historical societies to tell you more about John Tornow, the victims and the Tornow Committee. The brochures will also guide you to the site of the memorial, the site of Grove Cemetery, where John, his parents and the Bauer twins are buried. DVDs of the memorial dedication will be available to purchase soon. Stay tuned for more information.
May. 16, 2013
Re-enactment DVD teaser link
This link will take you to a 2-minute preview of the DVD from the re-enactment and Matlock Forum. Information is there on purchasing the entire DVD.
Cut and paste this address. Or go to the DVD link under re-enactment DVD for a direct link.
John Tornow
Bauer Twins

On a sunday afternoon of September 1911 William Jr. and John Bauer were shot near their home on the Satsop River while hunting a bear. This is when the 19-month manhunt began.
William and John Bauer's Home

Located near the banks of the Satsop River.
Bauer Home today

The home still stands today.
William and John Bauer
John's Cabin, one of many
The gun that was taken off John Tornow
When he was shot
Bringing the bodies to town
John Tornow Shot
Kind regards
John Towrnow Memorial Committee
John's body is tied to a tree. A postcard was made from this photo.
The Tornow Family
Ffrom left back: Albert, John, Minnie, Fred; Front row, from left: Louisa, Ed, Frederick, William. Photo, circa 1892.
William Jr. and John Bauers Graves
Located at Grove Cemetary near Matlock WA
Giles Quimby
The man who shot Tornow.
Original Tornow shed
Stll standing today

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DONE Sending...

Bill Lindstrom | Reply 22.07.2013 10.22

You are so right and observant. The Model 94 Marlin belonged to A.V. Elmer, his third victim. Tornow's gun was a Model 95 30 carbine U.S. Army.

lee schlender | Reply 22.07.2013 09.04

The phamplet states that he had a Model 94 Marlin lever action in his hands.

The gun in the photos is a Winchester, Model 95 , carbine. Likely 30. cal army.

Fred Landon | Reply 11.07.2013 19.45

Very interesting. I love learning about history :) Great job!!

Darlene Henson | Reply 07.06.2013 20.41

Where is the Bauer House located at?

Bill Lindstrom 09.06.2013 11.21

Take Brady-Matlock Rd. about 2 miles past the homestead, turn left on West Boundary CUTOFF to a T, go across the road and down a driveway. 2nd house.

Darlene Henson | Reply 07.06.2013 06.56

How do you get to the old homestead?

Bill Lindstrom 07.06.2013 10.48

The Tornow homestead is about 9 miles up the Brady-Matlock Road on the left side. But the only existing structure is a small shed in the back.

Gail Ayres | Reply 26.05.2013 16.51

Loved the ceremony last month. We were impressed with the site itself, the new monument and the organization it must have taken to put together. Great website.

sandi erbele | Reply 01.05.2013 22.18

my grandmother knew this family.....

Bill Morgan | Reply 23.04.2013 21.49

I researched the case for years. I really have no idea, exactly what happened. My grandfather knew John, said he was the best shot he ever seen.

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I'll send you one now! Thanks!!!!

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26.9 miles up the Wynooche Valley Rd.Send me email at I can't write much on this email

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I would love to know where the memorial is. I've driven up there several times and couldn't find it.

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Ralph is a icon in my book..

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